Deluxe Black Travel Atomizer, 50mL


A great bottle to start your UV glass collection, the 50 ml fine mist spray has a multitude of uses ranging from perfumes and surface cleaners to essential oils and food flavorings. The 50 ml is a great size for use around the house for commonly used sprays and treatments as it won't require constant preparing or filling up.



  • Ultraviolet glass stops visible light before it enters the bottle and instead lets in ultraviolet light and infrared light. 

    UV glass harnesses these two unique wavelengths of light to improve your products with gentle sanitation and high energy.

  • This ultraviolet glass this bottle is made out of helps prevent the degradation of organic materials by blocking out visible light. In addition, ultraviolet glass allows some UV light and Infrared light wavelengths to enter which helps to sanitize the inside of the bottle from bacteria and other pathogens.
  • This scientifically designed fine mist spray bottle is the optimal storage for all precious liquids, dispensing a perfect mist cloud with every gentle pump.