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Dark Roast Iron Goddess Oolong by Tea and Whisk

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Fulfilled by our friends at Tea and Whisk

We don't normally think of Iron Goddess Oolong comes from Indonesia. Since Indonesia has a lot of active volcanoes, the soil around the area where this tea is grown has a lot of minerals. The Taiwanese origin tea maker, bake this mineral-rich tea leaf by using charcoal to give a deep, bold dark chocolate aroma. Brew this tea with high temperature (205 Fahrenheit) to bring out the intensity of peppery and smokey cinnamon.

The really cool thing about this tea, no matter how long you brew this tea, this tea will never get bitter. In fact, if you brew this tea for 10 minutes, the strong flavor is reminiscent of a bold and smooth tasting coffee. Add a dash of cream and ice, you can easily fool anyone that you are drinking an iced coffee!


Origin: Sumatra, Indonesia

Notes: Bold, Caramel, Chocolate, Coffee