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Curium perfume

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O B S E S S I V E  C A R E S S

"I was inspired by a brilliant mind, strongly accurate yet vivid, joyful and imaginative… I tried to capture Marie Curie’s unique personality.

A creation which could be an enveloping force, a concentrate of emotions, able to push the boundaries of conventional thought… A penetrating radiation of ambrette seeds contrasting with fascinating trails of iris, spicy vibrations of pepper and cinnamon and colorful traces of red berry. All powdered with deep vetiver and bright musk, for a passionate note."

Dynamic scheme: intoxicating particles are emitted like seeds from its dense, precious nucleus. Its subliminal and devastating allure burns without flame, like Marie’s own scandalous love, heady and intoxicating as liquor and tobacco. Vibrating with this passion is the equilibrium between the robust, logic of an ultimate natural order, and a powerful instinct, smelling like warm skin and whispering as sweetly as white musk - a tremendous error of chemistry.