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Carnivorous Dionaea Venus Fly Trap 3" Pot Live Plant

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The Carnivorous Dionaea, commonly known as the Venus Fly Trap, is a captivating and unique plant renowned for its insect-trapping prowess. Native to the Carolinas, USA, this perennial gem has lobes resembling open jaws lined with sensitive trigger hairs. The plant's mechanism involves rapid closure of these jaws when triggered by insects, allowing it to capture and digest prey, supplementing its nutrient intake from the typically poor soil it inhabits. Description: The Venus Fly Trap is characterized by rosettes of flat, green leaves emerging from an underground rhizome. Each leaf features two hinged lobes, armed with spiky cilia forming a "mouth" that snaps shut upon contact with prey. This adaptation allows the plant to thrive in nutrient-deficient environments, as it gains essential nutrients from the digestion of insects. Light: Flourishing in bright, indirect sunlight, the Venus Fly Trap can tolerate some direct sun but should be shielded from prolonged intense exposure.
Ships Mid-April.