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Butterfly Pea Flowers by Plum Deluxe Tea

$7.00 USD

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Fulfilled by our friends at Plum Deluxe Tea

Note: flowers are sold by the 1/2 oz.

Butterfly pea flowers, a magical flower native to Asia, transform any cup of tea or glass of lemonade into a vibrant blue hue due to the natural pigments in the tea. The addition of any high acid ingredient, such as lemon or lime, increases the wonderful blue hue.

Simply add a pinch of flowers to your tea or lemonade when it is brewing and remove when the color pigment you desire is achieved. Or, create a strongly-brewed butterfly pea tea by steeping the flowers in hot water, then add a splash of the blue liquid into your lemonade or cocktail for a color-changing twist!

We source the flowers directly from Thailand so they are fresh and ship to you quickly.

You can also purchase our Magical Butterfly Herbal Tea Blend for the butterfly pea flowers already blended into a delicious tea.