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Brain Boost Gummies - Pomegranate Hibiscus by Mojo | Mushroom Dosed Gummies

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Fulfilled by our friends at Mojo | Mushroom Dosed Gummies

A focus enhancer that actually works

We know a thing or two about mushrooms, and we think they might hold the secret to a whole lot of challenges we face today.

Our research team reverse-engineered a blend of functional mushrooms, herbs, and roots to boost cognition, reduce brain fog, and improve productivity. All the magic of a mushroom dose, without any of the worry.

Mojo Pomegranate & Hibiscus energizes with a spark of tart pomegranate and inspires with floral hibiscus. It’s best enjoyed as you gear up to hit that perfect flow. No matter the task, Mojo will get you in the zone.