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Bon Bon 3 x 30 mL Set

$115.00 USD

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Dip yourself in a sweet world of fairy tales...

I Sucre Candy: A picnic in a world of crystallized sugar. Among the initial note of Toffee, enveloping and creamy, and the final agreements of Caramel Candy and Caramel reigns supreme candy sugar, which, in a blizzard of snowflakes candied fruit, covering everything from a sweet white coat. Ideal for those who want to feel for a day in the fable of Tchajcovskji to music: The Nutcracker

II Bon Bon Fraise: Smells sweet and sour fruits of the forest awaken as after the arrival of a refreshing rain. The strawberry and blueberry black top notes, followed by a central body of Bonbon strawberry and raspberries resting on a bed of white musk, we immediately give the feeling of being in the middle of a fairy tale... maybe that of Little Red Riding Hood?

 III Guimauve: A flower garden to admire and enjoy, whose gates are wide open, showing a scene of orange blossom and rose petals candies, bon bons to fishing, white musk and icing. The great Queen of the garden is the Altea, rugged beauty of the flower, which inspires reverence as the Queen of Hearts from Alice in Wonderland...