L'Arc Parfums

"The essence of a strong nostalgia awakens Maître de Claude’s desire to finally return to France."

This perfume exhibits a bewildering amalgam of scents blending the vivid whiffs of orange and cardamom with a heart of nutmeg and saffron. Musk and sandalwood settle in to further embody the enthralling flame in his heart.  

Orange, Cardamom, Artemisia

Nutmeg, Oud accord, Saffron

Base Notes: Amberwood, Musk, Sandalwood

Maître de Claude’s voyage around the world was not only recorded in his mind and heart; it was inked on the pages of a memoire where every line evoked the scent of a moment anchored in time and the aroma of a sweet discovery. The words of his journal recount the nostalgic journey back home, a call from the port of Havana under the moon’s silver shine to the shores of the French land.

Arrived, Maître de Claude is faced with a reality he had never imagined for himself, a twist of fate that leaves him deserted and heart-broken, wandering like a nomad, until hope of a new life unfolds under his eyes. The love for a gypsy girl sets fire in his heart again, bringing back meaning to his life and the assertion of an invincible passion for the universe of fragrance. The memoire recalls the intense moments of a mature phase in the life of Maître de Claude, the essence of which shall forever be commemorated in the perfumes of a Memoire Collection.

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