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Acqua di Colonia Essenza

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A modern classic - a fragrance that embodies all the traditional values of Colonia yet represents something new and unique. The most precious natural ingredients...

The purest expression of Colonia. Colonia Essenza reinterprets and enhances the values of the original Colonia. A cult fragrance reserved for the most refined connoisseurs of Acqua di Parma colognes. The top notes evoking the freshness of the classic Italian citrus fruits (lemon, orange, and bergamot) become even more vivacious with the addition of grapefruit, mandarin and petitgrain. In the middle, the aromatic notes of rosemary blend with delicate floral accords of rose, jasmine, and lily of the valley, together with a hint of cloves. All of which brought to perfection by a vibrant woody base enriched by patchouli. The soft base notes - white musk and warm amber - intensify its character.

Refined and elegant, the newest eau de cologne from Acqua di Parma is handcrafted in the same tradition as the original and iconic Colonia, representing the essence of Italian luxury and style. Colonia Essenza is a citrus-woodsy fragrance, which uses only the finest and purest essences of the formula.

Notes: citrus zests, rosemary, jasmine, lily of the valley, rose, clove, patchouli, woody notes, moss, amber.