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2016 Red Cliff Shou Pu-erh by Tea and Whisk

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Fulfilled by our friends at Tea and Whisk


2016 Red Cliff Shou Puerh is made using a special fermentation process called wet-pile fermentation. The temperature and humidity inside the storeroom are strictly controlled, and the leaves are sprayed with water and a bacterial culture from previous batches of Puerh. They're then covered in thermal blankets and turned periodically over the next 45-60 days. This accelerated fermentation process transforms the tea leaves, creating a unique flavor that's loved by tea connoisseurs around the world.

This 2016 Red Cliff Shou puerh is one of the best teas that we have in the shop. It is slightly earthy with a mellow and smooth flavor, making it perfect for those who are new to puerh tea. This tea is from the Yunnan province in China and is harvested from wild trees that are hundreds of years old. The leaves are sun-dried and rolled into tight balls before being stored in a cool, dark place. This tea produces a dark amber color with a distinct earthy aroma when brewed. The taste is smooth and mellow with a hint of sweetness. Introductory Shou puerh is an excellent choice for those who are looking for an easy-to-drink tea that is both flavorful and healthful.


ORIGIN: Lancang, Yunnan, China