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2014 Baocheng Sincerity Sheng Puerh by Tea and Whisk

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Fulfilled by our friends at Tea and Whisk

What is it about this puerh that we like so much?

Usually, you want to look for this type of puerh that has been aged for at least 7 years. This tea is from 2014 which means it has been aged for about 8 years now. This puerh is the perfect tea for anyone that looking to have their first sheng puerh.

And for those who have been drinking puerh for a while, you going to love this one as well because of how smooth and fruity this tea is. The flavor has these sweet, woody notes with a wonderful body and texture. The aroma is sweet and earthy with notes of apple, and hay. The earthiness hits you right at the tip of your tongue followed by an aftertaste that is clean and crisp with lingering notes of chrysanthemum and jasmine toward the backend of your tongue. This tea is delicious! The aftertaste is slightly floral that lingers in this clean refreshing feeling, making it an overall amazing puerh for anyone to have all day long!


Gongfu Brewing Instructions:

Use about 2.5g of this tea in 100ml gaiwan with boiling spring water. Rinse the tea quickly before making your first infusion. Steep the tea within 5-10  seconds on your first infusion. Add additional 5 seconds on the second infusion. Keep steep the tea longer as you go to later infusions. You should be able to get at least 10 infusions. 

If the tea tastes astringent, that usually means you either steep too long, put too much, or use the wrong kind of water.   


Origin: Lancang, Yunnan, China

Notes: Apple, Hay, Jasmine

Harvest: 2014 spring