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2009 Longevity Shou Mei White by Tea and Whisk

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Fulfilled by our friends at Tea and Whisk

There are many things that make this white tea special. This shou mei white requires almost no steeping skill at all! You can brew this with high- or low-temperature water and for varying lengths of time. It's very difficult to mess up the brewing process when brewing this white tea; basically, anything goes! 

If you brew the tea using the gongfu method, it can be brewed over and over again at least 20 times. Different infusions of tea will bring out different flavors. Lower temperature brings out the sweetness and higher temperature provides more complex flavor profiles.

To ensure that you are drinking a tasty cup of tea, make sure to rinse your leaves with water first. This will help wash away all the dust and other sorts of things collected during its time in storage as well as moisten it so flavors can be released more easily.

One way to make this tea flavorful is by using the gongfu method. With this tea, you can safely use boiling temperature water and steep for one minute and a half on the first infusion. Then, with every subsequent steeping, it only takes about 15 seconds to bring out all of its wonderful flavors. 

This tea will keep you going for a while! You can steep the tea longer as it gets weaker. You should be able to get around 20-30 infusions with this tea no problem!


Gongfu Brewing Instructions:

1. Rinse the tea quickly with boiling water.
2. Use 5g of this *tea with 205F water temperature.
3. Steep for about 90 seconds on the first infusion, 15 seconds on the second infusion, and additional 5 seconds for each subsequent infusion.

* This tea cake is pressed tightly, make sure to separate the tea leaves before brewing them in your gaiwan.  


Origin: Fuding, China

Harvest: 2009

Notes: Oaky, Dark Cherry