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1,000,000 Macadamia Tree Planting Project by Macadamia.US

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Fulfilled by our friends at Macadamia.US

Macadamia Nut Trees can live to be more than 70 years old. Because of their very large canopy, they can also help solve the problem of Climate Change.

Would you love to include Macadamia Nuts in your daily diet but always found their price too high for your modest taste buds or pocket?

If you answered yes, then we have a short, medium and long-term solution for you!

This year we have started a project to plant 1,000,000 Macadamia Nuts trees by 2027.

We have so far secured 3,000 acres and are working on acquiring a total of 12,000 more out-grower farmers to each plant 1 acre worth of Macadamia in order for us to achieve this goal. Each acre will hold 72 trees.

Our targeted long-term impact on the industry, is to increase new Macadamia Nut stockpiles by 110,000,000 LBs in year 7 of maturity of the grafted trees we're planting under our 1,000,000 Macadamia Tree program.

As healthy and nutritious as Macadamia Nuts are, the main reason these nuts are currently at their global price levels is due to a very high market demand from places like Europe and China, but low existing supply in the US.

With Macadamia being a premium nut and thus considered the King of the nuts, 80% to 90% of would be customers end up getting priced out and thus end up seeking less healthier but cheaper snacking alternatives. The more Macadamia Trees we have towards our 1,000,000 tree goal, the quicker we can help make Macadamia Nut Prices much lower and thus more affordable in the near and longer-term future.

In case you don't know about Macadamia Nuts and are wondering why some of us are addicted to them or are always raving about this Super Food/Super Nut, Macadamia Nuts are a very nutritious daily food source, are a healthy great snack source, are loaded with Antioxidants and have many potential health benefits.

Ultimately, our Raw Macadamia Nuts can be used to enhance the flavor of your cookies, cakes, confectionery, ice creams, salads, casseroles, pork, chicken and even beef roast.

We need your help to make the world, a healthier, greener, cleaner and more forested place.

Become a Life Member of our site and please support our cause to plant 1,000,000 new Macadamia Trees by 2027.

You can do this by helping us purchase and maintain a few Macadamia seedlings today. The cost to maintain each grafted tree is approximately $39 for 3 years when done as part of this large scale tree planting project. 

Thank you for your Support!