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Mindy Yang, Perfumarie CEO

Founder CEO Perfumarie Mindy Yang

Mindy is a growth hacker & agent of change with decades of experience in 360º sensory design.

 Unique background as a Curator of global niche fragrance, award-winning Olfactory Artist, Writer, Distributor, and Buyer;

• Leading trends and social media expert (@GoDolceVita) with proven track records in global marketing, UXD, PR, retail via innovative and strategic activations for independent brands and Fortune 500 companies;

• Especially inspired by the rise of makers and the desire to awaken the senses; She wants to elevate and preserve the human experience.

Under her leadership, Perfumarie is a holistic growth platform that offers advisory, brand management, warehousing, on-demand retail, and success coaching for sensory ventures that are looking to launch or reposition in the United States.