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Cultivating a Culture of Innovation

Dedicated to all things sensory, we invite entrepreneurs, makers, and businesses to work together in a collaborative environment.

A delicate combination of an artistic space and launching pad for brands with powerful messages. An incubator allowing a divine evaporation of boiling ideas and projects.

Christophe Laudamiel

Master Perfumer & Olfactory Artist

Driving the future of beauty:
Anyone interested in the future of experiential retail need look no further than Mindy yang’s Perfumarie, where education meets olfactive playground meets shopping...
WWD Mag./Beauty Inc.
"The Futurists", Beauty 2050

Jenny Fine, Executive Beauty Director

Perfumarie is reimagining the way perfumers, consumers, brands and marketers approach the business of sensory perception.
Cosmetic Design Magazine

Award-Wining Experience

Perfumarie was named a winner for Consumer Experience by The Fragrance Foundation, along with Macy's, Gucci, YSL, RPG and Cartier.