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About Us

Perfumarie Discovery Studio


Perfumarie is the world's first sensory incubator, shoppable retail lab, innovation studio and private club.

For the best experience, please make a reservation to help us staff accordingly and personalize your experience. 

√ Enjoy a fusion of extensive shopping experience with well-established brands sitting alongside emerging names.

√ Our scents by-the-fill products are sustainable, priced for enjoyment without excess packaging or the high price tag, so YOU can sample often and support the makers that you love.

√ All of our bottles & packaging are intentionally refillable and reusable/recyclable, so BRING THEM BACK or come with your own vessel for more!

√ Enjoy behind-the-scenes access to the world of scents and beyond. Most things at Perfumarie are rare and collectible! Meet the makers and learn why their products are extraordinary.

🌱 Together, we can make an impact for an empowered, greener, beautiful world!

Perfumarie invites artisans, creators, and makers to co-infuse creativity and wonder into our world.  Apply to exhibit with us. 

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