The Indie Perfumers Guild is a vibrant gathering place for the most creative and talented perfumers, scientists, healthcare professionals, chefs/mixologists, modern alchemists, entrepreneurs, influencers, designers, suppliers, and sensory adventurers from around the world. Our Membership Association is designed for all career levels; Both produced and unproduced, amateur and professional, are eligible for membership. 

With a focus on the system as a whole, we gain efficiencies by offering education, mentorship, opportunities to work, complete with a vetted suppliers network of raw material, components, lab spaces, and new technologies.

Together, we can reduce costs, be more gentle to the environment, and elevate the quality of innovations.

Our Tradesmen's alliance empowers the artistry of artisans via three pillars: education, creation and collaboration.


  • Workshops & Events: We host weekly programs both online and offline for members to network with and learn from other professionals.

  • Studio Sessions: Members can book access to our affiliate labs for practice, training, and technical advancement.

  • Professional Development: Expand your expertise with our educational and certification courses.


We are developing a more efficient market by inviting the consumer to the table as co-creators while getting our Guild Members more work.

All of our products are:

  • Micro-batched;

  • Ultra-fresh, hand-filled to order in SoHo, New York City;

  • Made by a human and sometime co-designed by someone like you!

  • Minimal with reusable and refillable glass bottles for global sustainability.


As a holistic organization, we are fully committed to enriching the career advancement of our Members through peer-to-peer learning, expert instruction, management advisory, service projects, workspace support, incubation, and fun.

  • Mentorship: Gain priceless insights from our experienced team of Founders and other industry luminaries. IPG nurtures and celebrates Indie makers by providing personal advisory and programs tailored to the specific needs of up and coming individuals.

  • Access: IPG's Business Resource Guide is a complete directory of our partners who provide the fundamental products and services for related industries. From ingredients to potential manufacturing partners, our enterprise collaboration tool offers a rated directory of suppliers and raw materials with special discounts and group buy opportunities for the Guild.

  • Innovation: As trendsetters, IPG members are invited to contribute to the future as they gain priceless access to new opportunities.

  • Global Advocacy: The IPG builds relationships and dialogue with decision-makers in the public sector to foster transparency with sustainability in mind.