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Fog & Tree

Fog & Tree

Fog & Tree captures the essence of California. Their plant-based personal care products are infused with calming Hemp Essential Oils and other beneficial Cannabinoids for the ultimate self-care experience.

"Unlike the essential oils of other flora, Hemp plants have over 140 unique terpenes that vary with strains. We like to think of them as aromatherapy on steroids. At Fog & Tree we blend all-natural essential oils with the star ingredient of Hemp. The result is experiential products that take your senses on a journey through the Redwoods of the Pacific Northwest. Woodsy and herbaceous base notes of cedar and sandalwood open up to reveal heart notes of fresh coastal fog and vegetation, finished with just a hint of the sticky icky.

Our mission is to make you smell good and feel good about what you are putting on your body and into our earth and waterways. Everything we create has a positive impact on people and the planet from our packaging and formulating to the point it reaches your home."

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