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Love Kills, 2mL Vial

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The rose of love is in full bloom.

Rose oil Turkish LMR Geranium oil Egypt for life LMR
Love Skin accord (Ambrette Absolute LMR, Rose oxide)
What could depict the feeling of a lover, but the crispy, vibrant scent of a scarlet flower? Love. Oh, love. Lover, oh lover.
And... What's in a name? That which we call a rose by any other name would smell as sweet.

Rose Absolute (Turkish LMR)
Patchouli oil Molecular Distillation (Indonesian LMR)
Love Scars accord (Cedarwood oil, Animalic musks, Ambrarome)
But - more often than not - love might have a tragic end. The rose of love has dried down. Just one night has passed, and it looks like a-thousand years. Crush the dried-down rose in your hands.
You will get nothing but dust. And a beautiful, melancholic memory of how sweet this swiftly fading romance has been.

 Interpreted by
Caroline Dumur

Lychee, Rose Oxide, Ambrette, Egyptian Geranium, Turkish Rose Oil Absolute, Green Notes, Molecular Patchouli Distillation, Ambrarome, Immortelle, Cedar, Musk