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The essence of hospitality expressed as olfactory art Scented Notes by Perfumarie

The essence of hospitality expressed as olfactory art

For Avroko, our sister company's preview of Brightliner (Goodshop Manufacturies) and their Hospitable Lab for New York Design Week, our house Olfactory Artist Mindy Yang collaborated with Resident Master Perfumer Christophe Laudamiel to create a dynamic scent composition.
Currently untitled, this is our contemporary essence of hospitality, expressed as olfactory art:
"We wanted to capture a vivid moment that greets guests upon entry. Garden-fresh herbs, laced with citrus bitters and angelica roots are infused into a welcoming cocktail. Notes of Bergamot, mint, basil, lavender and cucumber give way to a savory undertone of smoked rosemary, leather, amber and (cedar) woods to represent the well-appointed decor and an ardent meal to come," shared Mindy Yang.
Christophe Laudamiel adds, "A slightly metallic natural effect of those herbs resonates with the different metals of the décor. Smoked rosemary wood and smokey Chinese Cedarwood, leather, amber and a touch of earthy Patchouli dedicate the setting, in parallel with rich woods and comfortable leather furniture."
This scent is a new permanent exhibition at Perfumarie and it will debut at Saxon + Parole this summer. Drop in for a visit for your olfactory encounter! We'd love to hear your thoughts.
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