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Spring Love, Apprentice Perfumer Ji-hee Hong Scented Notes by Perfumarie

Spring Love, Apprentice Perfumer Ji-hee Hong


A scent that encompasses the sensations and emotions of falling in love. This feminine fine fragrance has top notes of a spring-sparkling lemon, dewy green-orange, juicy apple, and sweet tropical pineapple. The top note is followed by a subtle blackberry, white and pink roses, muguet, and jasmine floral scents. The fragrance finishes with the base note of white musk, fine-fragrant sandalwood, amber note, and smooth powdery scent.
  • Top: Lemon, dewy green orange, juicy apple, pineapple;
  • Heart: blackberry, white and pink roses, muguet, jasmine flowers;
  • Base: white musk and powdery, sandalwood and slight amber scent.


Ji-hee Hong


Ji-hee is an apprentice perfumer at Alpha Aromatics, responsible for identifying the components and classifications of aromatic chemicals and essential oils that are used in fragrances; learning and applying the fundamental concepts of perfumery with combined expertise in organic and analytical chemistry to help support the company in troubleshooting of issues encountered while developing exclusive, top-quality fragrances; and formulating fragrances that are demanded by customers via the creation of new aromas and/or duplication of the samples requested.


Ji-hee is responsible for solving fragrance dosage in any desired bases for various purposes and for analyzing and understanding of mechanisms of organic and fragrance chemistry to provide enhanced technology to create fragrances.


How did you find out about the fragrance industry?

Back in 2015, while I was in college studying chemistry, I wanted to get an internship that was related to the field that I was studying. Fortunately, that was when Alpha Aromatics has just opened their door to college students for an internship and had sent emails to multiple colleges around the Pittsburgh area. My school chemistry department informed chemistry students about this opportunity, so I took my chance for an interview and I was lucky to get it.

Working in the fragrance industry definitely opened my eyes to the world that I was not aware of before, and I am very grateful to pursue my career in the field where I can combine my scientific knowledge and artistic creativeness together.

What made you want to be a perfumer? 

I have always had my heart in fine arts ever since I was a child. I used to be an art student, dreaming to become a visual designer, played in the orchestra as a flute player (I still do), and sang in many choirs. 

When I found out about this career path, I was so thrilled that I can work in the field where it requires both of my scientific knowledge and creative mind. It is so exciting to see how fragrance can affect people's mood and even recall some of their precious memories. Seeing those expressions on people has truly become a huge part of why I want to be in the fragrance industry, and knowing that my fragrance can also have a good impact on people assured me to keep pursuing my career as a perfumer.

What are some of your favorite and least favorite scents? 

My favorite feminine fine fragrance is Marc Jacobs Daisy and my favorite masculine cologne is Invictus by Paco Rabanne. I am a fan of light white florals with citrusy top notes, such as white citrus-scented lotion from bath and body works. I really like fresh-aquamarine aromas, clean/cotton notes, and sweet/musky scents as well. I am not a fan of the cinnamon type of spices and vanilla... they tend to give me a headache.

What are the hardest obstacles you have found when working in perfumery?

Taking criticism of the fragrance I have made, intensely studying all kinds of raw materials, and among all the other difficulties that I can talk about, the hardest obstacles I have found when working in perfumery is that there is no obvious guideline to follow for pursuing your career in the field.

Often times, at least what I have noticed is that people in this industry find about this field by accident. In the USA, unlike med schools or law schools, there are no apparent ways, programs, school or studies for people who want to start their career in perfumery. Even as an apprentice, I find it very hard to figure out what I need to do next in perfumery both academically and professionally.

As an apprentice, I am hoping for more gatherings or events where perfumers can share their experiences, advice, and suggestions with those who are still new to this field.



Mentor: Roger A. Howell

Roger is the Vice President of Operations at Alpha Aromatics as well as the holder of the same title for the American Society of Perfumers. Roger Howell has been creating some of the world’s most masterful fragrance compositions for more than three decades.


Almost as magical as Merlin with fragrance creations (the wizard of Arthurian legend) Howell’s creative and scientific expertise in perfume creation is not conjured from sleight-of-hand. Instead, it is borne from extensive research, hands-on experience, hard work and studied extrapolation.


As a Master Perfumer and man of many accomplishments, Roger Howell takes great pride in the personal one-on-one service he gives so generously to each and every one of his satisfied clients. 


- - -

The American Society of Perfumers is a members-only organization of established professionals in the art and science of perfumery:


"Our mission is to Educate, Support and Promote the Perfumer in the fragrance industry both domestically and abroad.​ Together with other industry organizations, we ensure appropriate regulatory guidelines and standards set for safe and beautiful fragrances.​ The high code of perfumery ethics established by our organization maintains respect for perfumery as an artistic work of the mind.​ Most importantly, we strive to inspire artistic creativity, incorporate scientific ingenuity and maintain the integrity of our profession.


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