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Neapolitan Sartorial Elegance Expressed in Fragrances Scented Notes by Perfumarie

Neapolitan Sartorial Elegance Expressed in Fragrances

"To tell you the truth, my father was already sensitive to the world of fragrances and had created L’Acqua da Stiro (Ironing Water) with which he scented suits
to make them stand out, with a fresh and clean scent, thanks to the presence of lavender… This product still exists.

On one of my trips to Russia I met Igor Denisov, CEO of an important company that works in the world of perfumery and then Viliyan Petrov, General Manager
of the same company in Italy. Together, we decided to create fragrances that interpret the same philosophy as our brand.

We started with the Royal Collection of Fragrances by Luigi Borrelli, which corresponds to one of our capsule lines with pieces and high-end fabrics in our collection.

There is a close bond between fragrance and fashion: man leaves a trace of himself with his fragrance and with the way he dresses.

The three fragrances have taken their names from the noble materials that Luigi Borrelli Napoli uses: ‘Cotton’, ‘Vicuna Wool’ and ‘Cashmere’...





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