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September 2018 Scented Notes by Perfumarie

September 2018

Wanderlust, our theme for the September Archive, calls out to adventurous spirits near and far. 

As always, these nature-inspired perfumes are collectible (extremely small-batched) and ready to travel.
Drop in for a re-visit or to experience a crash course with our experts!

By the mL By the Bottle
Liffarome, Material *
Cassis Accord, Material *
Sultan Leather, Merchant of Venice
090918 Sydney Rock Pool, Arquiste by Rodrigo Flores-Roux
100918 * * * Perfumarie Reserve * * *
110918 * * * Perfumarie Reserve * * *
Fear, Olfactive Art * by Christophe Laudamiel
140918 Santal Auster, Chatillon Lux 
160918 Jungle L'Elephant, Kenzo by Dominique Ropion
180918 Galbanum, Aroma Chemical *
Mykonos, Hercules Man
210918 Full Incense, Montale
Narcissus Absolute, Christophe Laudamiel
* * * Perfumarie Reserve * * *
Aka'ula, Source Adage

- - - - -

Perfumarie Reserve = House creations not available in the commercial market. Available by the fill, in 5mL, 15mL, & 50mL sizes only while supply lasts.

* Not for Skin  


  • 040918 / "This lime scent is refreshing and dewy, designed to quench your fragrance thirst like a lemonade on a hot summer afternoon. Inspired by Sicily, I used a lime essential oil with many nutrients and antioxidant properties. The heart of the fragrance has a hint of galbanum to impart the greenness further." -Darryl Do
  • 050918 / Liffarome has a sweet grassy-pear-violet odor. This aroma chemical boosts green notes even in trace amounts!
  • 060918 / "My Cassis perfume is evolved from vital synthetic greens like cis-3-Hexen-1-ol, Liffarome, and cis-3-Hexenyl acetate. I added a touch of chocolate and ripe berries for depth. Cis-3-Hexen-1-ol is produced by most plants in small amounts, and due to its intense green odor, it is commonly known as leaf alcohol."
    Darryl Do
  • 070918 / Fruity, green and a bit animalic, cassis is also known as black currant. Smell this in 060918 at the studio.
  • 100918 / "This unisex fragrance surrounds you with coniferous trees and crisp frankincense with every drop. I used vetiver to bring some earth to its incense clouds." -Darryl Do
  • 110917 / This fragrance features cherry blossoms, infused with the subtle bitterness of almond. "Almond and cherry kernels both contain a naturally-occurring chemical called benzaldehyde, which was used to develop this fragrance. The heart has a distinct texture of delightful osmanthus. The result is well-balanced, with the powdery-dry feel of the iris." -Darryl Do
  • 120918 / Surprise, you've encountered an Air Sculpture® by Christophe Laudamiel!
    "Think bomb shelter, the atmosphere inside a dungeon or a torture room in the Middle ages." -CL.
    FEAR (C. Laudamiel, 2011) was presented at Dillon and Lee Gallery (NY), Mianki Gallery (Berlin), and is now on exhibit at the Cooper Hewitt Smithsonian Design Museum (NY) until October 28, 2018. 
  • 140918 / "Recalling my childhood visits with my father at the lumberyard, the smell of freshly cut wood has always been an obsession of mine. The woody, resinous scent of Santal Auster is a love letter to my lifelong passion for woody scents. I am often inspired by dichotomy; How something can be unique by also timeless. In my home in South Saint Louis, there is a vibrant and forward-thinking movement of artistic expression and urban renewal, but we also have great reverence for the stories that are told in our classic architecture. It is why I take inspiration both from the great works of the past and the possibilities that have yet to be discovered." -Shawn Maher
  • 200918 / "Mykonos is infamous as Greece's party island. My inspiration in formulating this fragrance focused on the posh nightlife, sensuality, energy, and mystique of this place" -Maria Mavromatis
  • 220918 / Everlasting is a modern chypre created with a narcissus absolute (230918) in lieu of traditional oakmoss. This forest amber is not too sweet with labdanum resin and strong woods as balance. The addition of musk softens the composition.
  • 230918 / This narcissus absolute is from Aubrac-Auvergne, France, the birthplace of Christophe Laudamiel. "It can provide a definite chypre feeling as it is earthy and damp green and not really floral. Can you smell it in Everlasting?" -Christophe Laudamiel
  • 240918 / "Agarwood, also known as oud, is used in this scent to lend a unique depth and richness to a fuming birch. Oud is derived from the heartwood of infected Aquilaria trees. It has a peculiarly strong and animalic odor. With the addition of lime on top, this scent is my scotch with a twist." -Darryl Do
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