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May 2019 Scented Notes by Perfumarie

May 2019

Life Imitates Art

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May's scents are creative, artistic & original. 

You'll note that some of these perfumes have been discontinued in the commercial market though they were created for luxury houses by renowned masters perfumers. By featuring these scents in this month's curation, we have the opportunity to enjoy them before they are gone forever.

~ The following scents are available by the fill while supplies last ~

By the mL By the Bottle
Incanto ShineSalvatore Ferragamo by Karine Dubreuil
Bran 5%, Natural Perfumer's Material from Christophe Laudamiel: "Yeast is the source of life."
030519 Dahlia Noir L'eau, Givenchy by Francois Demachy
040519 Tree of Life, Olfactory Art by Christophe Laudamiel
* * * Perfumarie Reserve * * * by Darryl Do // "Referred to in historical literature as “The Green Fairy,” this spirit is derived from botanicals. Mimosa flower and bergamot are intertwined with melon and menthol to create a hypnotic fragrance reminiscent of this beverage."
Soft Lawn, Imaginary Authors by Josh Meyer
Opium Vapeurs de Parfum, YSL
080519 Flower in the Air, Kenzo by Alberto Morillas
090519 * * * Perfumarie Reserve * * * by Darryl Do // "Taking you back to a carefree time, this fragrance envelops you with the soft pink and light blue sugary sweetness of fluffy cotton candy. This smell will bring you up into the clouds with its irresistible sweet, floral, and citrus notes."
L'Acquarossa, Fendi by Delphine Lebeau, Benoist Lapouza, & Francois Demachy // *DISCONTINUED*
Otis & Me, Jazmin Saraai by Dana el Masri
120519 Italian Cypress Private Blend, Tom Ford // "RARE/DISCONTINUED LIMITED EDITION*
130519 Morning Musc, Alexandre J.
140519 Azzaro Pour Elle Extreme, Azzaro
150519 Must, Cartier by Jean-Jacques Diener
160519 Absinthe Accord by Darryl Do
170519 Atramental, Room 1015 by Amelie Bourgeois & Ann Sophie Behaghel
180519 First, Van Cleef & Arpels
190519 Chant d'Aromes, Guerlain // *RARE/DISCONTINUED LIMITED EDITION* Guerlain Chant d'Aromes was created by Jean-Paul Guerlain in 1962. This is a fragrance for a woman which wears perfume for the sake of her pleasures only. It is a floral bouquet that talks a language of flowers. This perfume contains natural essences and belongs to the 'chypre' olfactory group.
Anonimo Veneziano EDPNobile 1942 by Marie Duchene
210519 * * * Perfumarie Reserve * * * by Darryl Do // "Like your favorite jacket or pair of pants, this fragrance is an important and prized wardrobe element. Bergamot, leather, and labdanum reflect the musky smell of a sophisticated wardrobe filled with tailor-made clothing."
Balade, L'Arc Parfums by Jean Claude Astier
230519 * * * Perfumarie Reserve * * * by Darryl Do // "Strolling through the streets of Havana, fresh citruses mingling with classic florals and cigar smoke create this beautiful, rich, tropical, and laid back, classic atmosphere."
Alien Flora Futura, Thierry Mugler
* * * Perfumarie Reserve * * * by Darryl Do // "Creative, structured, curious, and playful- this fragrance is inspired by nostalgic memories of kindergarten." 

- - - - -

Perfumarie Reserve = House creations not available in the commercial market. Available by the fill, in 5mL, 15mL, & 50mL sizes only while supply lasts. 

*Not for Skin.


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