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Perfumarie Technical Library: an Archive of Ingredients & Aromas

  • Camellia Taliensis

    Camellia Taliensis is a Yunnan large leaf tea varietal, and it grows in the form of a small tree or evergreen shrub. Unlike cultivated Camellia Sinensis, C.Taliensis is a wild plant. Today, C.Taliensis is an endangered species due to over-picking of the leaves for the tea market and deforestation of the plant's natural habitat. 
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  • Butter tea

    Butter tea – originated in the Tibetan Himalayas but is now commonly enjoyed throughout Tibet, Nepal, Bhutan, India, western China, and Mongolia. To make butter tea, four ingredients are needed: tea leaves, butter, water, and salt. 
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  • Black Tea

    Black Tea as it's called in the West, or "Hong Cha" (Red Tea) as it’s called in Asia, is well known as an afternoon tea because of its mellow and sweet flavor. 
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