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The Mushroom Conservatory LLC - Lions Mane Gourmet Mushroom Growing Kit Holiday Edition


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Share the joy of cultivating the majestic Lion's Mane mushrooms with our exclusive Christmas edition mushroom growing kits. They're quite easy to grow (simply start them on a bag of brown rice and then grow them in a container of coffee grounds or straw!) These edible mushrooms are renowned for their delicate, seafood-like texture, reminiscent of crab or lobster. Dive into their subtle, yet rich flavor, adding a gourmet touch to your festive dishes. A regal holiday treat that's both fascinating to grow and delightful to cook with. Many people like to use them to make a faux crabcake that's out of this world! All you'll need is some brown rice and paper bandage tape - for growing in larger quantities, you'll also want either used coffee grounds or straw. Beyond being delicious and a total treat to cook with, Lions mane mushrooms have a fascinating range of possibilities and are currently being studied for their potential in restoring neural pathways and aiding in cognitive function.