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Rosa Sacra


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In the midst of South America’s fecund jungles, a delicate flower blooms. Pure and crystalline, Rosa Sacra exudes the magical scent of a radiant flower immersed in the rich biodiversity of the Argentine Yungas.

Through a soft veil of green palo santo, a sun camouflaged Yaguareté observes. Drops of sacred aguaribay, the Incan tree of life, softly caress the senses, offering both ancestral protection ⁠and intuitive wisdom.⁠

  • Top Notes: Aguaribay (schinus molle), Blackcurrant;⁠
  • Heart Notes: Rose Grasse, Turkish Rose; 
  • Base Notes: Palo santo (bulnesia sarmientoi), White algarrobo (prosopis alba)⁠

Perfumer / Irina Burlakova (Mane)

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