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Hangover Secret | 6 Powder Packets


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THE BEST HANGOVER PREVENTION MIX which was a secret for over a decade. Developed by our medical team in EASY TO USE refreshing powder packets which are simply dissolved in a glass of water before bed. Effortless to carry on your travels so ORDER TODAY for you and your friends.

  • HIGH-POTENCY LIVER DETOX - Ensure speedy detox by supporting liver function against toxins with Milk Thistle and an amino acid called N-Acetylcysteine (NAC) which boosts glutathione. By helping to boost your body's natural functions, you can celebrate a quick morning recovery after a great night out.
  • NATURALLY PROTECT & REPLENISH - Anti-aging antioxidants maintain your youthful looks and protect against bags under your eyes the morning after. While the vitamins help you stay sharp to optimize your performance the next day so you can thrive.
  • BALANCED REHYDRATION - Electrolytes clear frustrating fuzziness by refueling what your system has lost to get you back up and running at full speed to your next flight or secret mission.
  • GUARANTEED SATISFACTION - At Hangover Secret we take great pride in our quality and customer satisfaction. If you are not satisfied for any reason, please contact our customer happiness director and we will make it right!

A great night shouldn’t cost you a productive morning. We all want a better balance, and The Hangover Secret was created with the belief that if we work hard, we should be able to play hard. Free yourself from hangover symptoms including mental fog, stomach aches, irritability, and a lack of energy. Our all-natural, pharmacist-developed hangover remedy combats normal hangover symptoms with a targeted, scientifically proven methodology to leave you energized and refueled to take on the day ahead. 

Each of these beautifully designed packets is the same formulation and flavor despite being three different colors.