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Ginger Honey Shrub


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Camas Prairie, MT is famous for the discovery of geological formations that look like giant ripples from the air. Those ripples prompted scientific inquiries which led to the discovery of a prehistoric hydraulic phenomenon known as Lake Missoula. Over the period from 15,000 to 13,000 years ago, during the last ice age, an ice dam 2,000 feet high would cause the valley that now holds the city of Missoula to fill with an amount of water approximately equal to today's Lake Michigan. Every so often, the ice dam would fail, releasing a cataclysmic flood across Eastern Washington before reforming and filling again.

Today, Camas Prairie is the location of Deluge Farm. There is a natural hot spring at Deluge Farm whose temperature and unique water chemistry allows for the cultivation of ginger - a crop is grown almost exclusively in the tropics. It is the only ginger grown for at least 500 miles in any direction, and it is in our Ginger Honey Shrub. This one really has some magic in it. 

We make this shrub pressing raw ginger juice, mixing it with raw Montana knapweed honey, then adding raw apple cider vinegar and water. There are no added preservatives or stabilizers.