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Your Key to the Americas

Perfumarie is designed for companies that are serious about growth.

As an Agency, Perfumarie leverages our expertise and network of contacts to help International Companies study and understand their position and viability in our market per market trends, industry insights, U.S. Customs and Border Protection, and current U.S. tax requirements. International companies that are accepted into Perfumarie’s incubator or brand management program will enjoy the following as they are covered against our monthly Agency Fee:

  • Business Administration (The foreign company would be authorized to trade under Perfumarie’s Federal and tax licenses)

  • Our accounting department is available as support

  • Business Liability Coverage (Mandatory protection against consumer lawsuits and claims)

  • Annual Bond Coverage with U.S. border control (Mandatory annual bond to expedite imports for all couriers and mode of transport to Perfumarie to reduce general customs fee and facilitate clearance)

  • Customer Service (consumer and trade)

  • Warehousing/Logistics/Fulfillment (The Non-U.S. entity retains ownership on its inventory. Our state-of-the-art facility offers 3PL support and EDI management whenever required)

  • Influencer Seeding/Requests 

  • Consumer Sampling Support (We use our own unbranded handmade vials to keep this cost low)

  • Organic PR (Booster services are available for a supplemental fee)

  • Business Development (Includes pitches, buyer planning meetings, trade events, and meetings. We take 20% commission for ongoing Account Management for doors that we open)

  • Co-Retail at our retail studio and The Salon Project (We take 50% margin on sales) 

  • Innovative Opportunities (Participation in special animations, gifting programs and artistic partnerships)

  • Sales Training for Retailers (as required) 

  • Event Planning/Production (as required) 

  • Marketing Strategy

  • Management Advisory 

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