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High Perfumery

Perfumarie is elevating the bespoke fragrance and product development experience by reimagining the process for the modern day perfume connoisseur. Indulge in a bespoke blending session or commission an olfactive signature with our Founder Mindy Yang.

Join Mindy at her Hudson Valley Atelier to develop an unforgettable signature that is uniquely yours as you immerse in an aromatic world of innovative materials and rare essential oils from around the world.
This priceless experience includes:
• A multi-sensorial day trip to Mindy's private Hudson Valley studio at the Silverbrook Manor
• Transportation to and from the Atelier
• Three rounds of modifications
• Three 30mL travel-ready perfumes
• 500mL of the final fragrance in a magnum crystal decanter 
Your fragrance formula will be securely archived in our digital ledgers for you and your future generations to reorder should you wish. 
The entire process takes 6-8 months | Book Now $8,000
Learn about our scent design services for individuals, special events, collaborations, scent marketing products, and new products for hospitality or brands.