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Dropship with Us

How Perfumarie’s Wholesale Drop Ship Works:

Perfumarie's retails partners can easily expand their product catalog by participating in our exclusive program.

1) You do not purchase merchandise until you have sold the item and collected the money from your customer.
2) You then purchase the item from us, and we ship it directly to your customer.

The Benefits of Drop Shipping /

  • This allows you to sell a broad range of products with no investment.

  • There is no expensive inventory or warehouse to maintain.

  • You do not have to take the time to package and mail the merchandise.

  • You also do not have packaging material expenses when drop shipping.

  • No minimum order. Buy as little or as much as you like. Perfumarie will drop ship your order anywhere you want it shipped. You pay for the merchandise and the actual shipping costs, and that's all!

What is required /

  • An approved partnership account

  • A working credit card on file* for your company.

  • For order fulfillment: Customer’s name, email, phone, and complete address. Any packing slip or special label (when applicable) for the enclosure.

  • Any special notes or instruction.

When Perfumarie drop ships, we do NOT include the prices paid for the merchandise. Your customers will never know how much you paid for our merchandise.You may use our pictures and descriptions anywhere to aid in your sales.

Compensation /

  • Perfumarie’s drop ship fee is $5.00 but this is waived if you carry that brand’s full wholesale portfolio on your website or brick and mortar store.

  • You will receive your 20% commission for each drop shipped order as a discount when we run your card on file prior to the fulfillment of each order.

To set up a new retail account with us, please click here to apply.

Returns & Damages /

  • Perfumarie will only accept returned packages with an RMA (Return Merchandise Authorization) number.

  • When a package is returned with a proper RMA # for an exchange, there will be a drop ship fee of $5 for the reshipped item.

  • Detailed photos of each damaged or said actual product might be required for authorization. Please do NOT throw away any damaged products unless our associate says otherwise.

  • By law, non-resellable products are not returnable. For refunds, returns must be:

    • Pack items must not be damaged during transit.

    • All items must be in original packaging, unopened, and void of additional labels.

    • These items will be resold. Please pack the items so they are not damaged. You are responsible for any items that do not follow these rules.

    • If your order is eligible for returns, refunds on orders occur once you have marked the items as a return in our system and your return is in transit. Please allow 5-10 business days for the funds to be returned to your card.

    • If your invoice has been paid, the card that was used to pay will be credited for the amount of the items returned. If you have not yet paid the invoice balance, the items will be removed from the invoice. 

    • Perfumarie credits are transferable for use within our portfolio of brands. If credit was originally used to pay for an order that was returned, however, it will not be restored.

    • If items you’ve marked as returned are missing from the shipment and/or arrive in a condition that prevents us from reselling them, you will be charged for these items once our warehouse has inspected the return.

As required, please email for further support.