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Good Vibes

  •  Tropical Wood Montale Perfumarie

    Tropical Wood

    from $12.00

    A joyful combination of Bergamot, Passion Fruit and Pineapple, infused by strong-spirited Aoud from Malaysia, shines on a titillating duo of Rose ...

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  •  Violet Bath Oil Bios Apothecary Perfumarie
    Bios Apothecary

    Violet Bath Oil


    + DESCRIPTION  This luxurious bath oil is infused with violet petals and is scented with lavender, juniper, cypress, oakmoss and ...

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  •  Voffi Candle PyroPet Candles Perfumarie
    PyroPet Candles

    Voffi Candle

    Original Price $51.00
    Current Price $47.00

    Light the wick and Voffi‚ĄĘ will soon become a hot dog. He does not bark but he still might frighten the mailman away. Designed by Thorunn Arn...

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  •  Wild Honey Petite Candle Tatine Perfumarie

    Wild Honey Petite Candle


    FRAGRANCE NOTES Honeycomb from heaven, the moon, the stars and the sun. You are liquid fire, burning beautifully in the morning light. Golden honey...

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  •  Wild Oud EDP Montale Perfumarie

    Wild Oud EDP

    from $12.00

    A smoky and diffusing character for this wild and noble Aoud combined with teakwood, patchouli from Sumatra and tobacco, enveloped w...

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  •  Wild Pears Montale Perfumarie

    Wild Pears

    from $12.00

    The sweetness of the pear is animated by the Bergamot, heightened by Lily of the valley and the Carnation, supported by the Sandalwood, feminized ...

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