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Good Vibes

  •  CREED ASIAN GREEN TEA Creed Perfumarie


    Original Price $421.00
    Current Price $414.00

    Born from Olivier’s appreciation of the alluring art and culture of the Far East, Asian Green Tea opens with green and golden notes evoking the l...

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  •  Cucumber Marc Jacobs Perfumarie
    Sold out
    Marc Jacobs



    A refreshing floral green eau de toilette, Marc Jacobs Cucumber conveys a delicious lightness. Its cool, crisp composition features watery notes l...

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  •  Dark Oud EDP Montale Perfumarie

    Dark Oud EDP

    from $12.00

    A variation on the theme of dark and intense Aoud. The magnificence of Indian sandalwood coming from the depths of the Asian forests. T...

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  •  Dark Purple Montale Perfumarie

    Dark Purple

    from $12.00

    The subtle harmony of Plum and Teakwood, feminized by the Rose and the sensual White Musk. Voluptuous & unusual. Main Notes: Plum, Red Fruit, ...

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  •  Date For Men Fragrance.One Perfumarie

    Date For Men

    from $12.00

    Award-Winning YouTuber Jeremy Fragrance's Date is a fruity, high-impact scent with a flirt quality to inspire laughter and smiles. Its rich patcho...

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  •  Dia Eau de Parfum Amouage Perfumarie
    Sold out

    Dia Eau de Parfum


    Luxury day wear, a fragrance that is both vibrant and sophisticated. A perfect complement to Amouage Gold. - Top notes: fig, cyclamen, bergamot, t...

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  •  Duet The Gate Paris Perfumarie
    The Gate Paris



    As the gate closes a rare alchemy between two souls fills the air. An integration of a large number of aromas bringing out a lovely and charismati...

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  •  Eau de Royal Secret Five Star Fragrances Perfumarie
    Sold out
    Five Star Fragrances

    Eau de Royal Secret


    A new incarnation of the original Royal Secret by Germaine Monteil, Eau de Royal Secret is a blooming oriental bouquet with a rich and memorable w...

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  •  Éclat de Joie Perfume Plume Impression Perfumarie
    Plume Impression

    Éclat de Joie Perfume

    from $11.00

    ELUSIVE SPIRIT / Éclat de Joie A luminous day where the warmth of the sun evokes a summer dream. Music playing, people dancing and a wonderfu...

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  •  Einar Unicorn Candle PyroPet Candles Perfumarie
    PyroPet Candles

    Einar Unicorn Candle

    Original Price $47.00
    Current Price $38.00

    You’ve found Einar, the mystical Icelandic Unicorn. Legend holds that he has a heart of gold. We can only vouch for the ribs and spine. Best to c...

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  •  Epiphany Perfume Sfumato Fragrances Perfumarie
    Sfumato Fragrances

    Epiphany Perfume

    from $41.00

    Notes: Citrus, Herb, Green The heaven-sent soft citrus accord of chamomile, grapefruit, and sweet orange are the initial rush. A sudden awakenin...

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  •  Escapade L'Arc Parfums Perfumarie
    L'Arc Parfums



    Escapade is an homage to the beauty of the fields of rose and mouth-watering peach. The base of vanilla and musk are elements of perfume-making of...

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  •  Fleurs de Gardenia Creed Perfumarie

    Fleurs de Gardenia


    Fusing the power of man and nature, Himalaya was created to commemorate Master Perfumer Olivier Creed’s daring climb in the beautiful...

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