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Gallivant Perfumes

Nick Steward, former creative director of L'Artisan Parfumeur, founded Gallivant as a bold new fragrance collection dedicated to fresh, evocative and unpretentious scents. Drawing on the energy and excitement of modern cities as the inspiration, Gallivant scents come in travel-friendly flacons for your instant exploration and adventure.

Gallivant is expertly blended in Grasse and hand-finished in the UK, from compositions created by Paris-based Karine Chevalier and Venice-based Giorgia Navarra- making Gallivant a truly international endeavor.
  •  Bukhara Eau de Parfum Gallivant Perfumarie

    Bukhara Eau de Parfum


    A fairytale Uzbek city on the Silk Road. Desert earth, an oasis, chalky white city walls, minarets, and¬†turquoise tiles. Fruits and spices ‚Äď sophi...

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