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What Did The Past SMELL like?

What Did The Past SMELL like?

“Wars are extremely smelly,” Dr. Verbeek said. “Soldiers don’t write about their injuries as much as they write about the terrible sounds and smells. So we know more about them,” in this wonderful 2020 article from the New York Times.

"In the growing field of smell research, scientists, artists, historians and cultural heritage specialists are coming together to work on what is perhaps the trickiest sense to preserve. Some are working on trying to conserve the smells of our times — especially those which may not exist in a few decades. Others, like Dr. Verbeek, who has a Ph.D. in the history of art, are working on reviving and reconstructing some of the lost scents."

To revisit this topic, Tony Robinson (@Tony_Robinson) took a journey in to the past on his podcast episode too. Join him on an intriguing olfactory adventure as he delves into the forgotten scents of the past.

In a quest to uncover the mysteries of historical aromas, Tony is joined by two remarkable guests who bring their expertise to the forefront. Meet smell historian William Tullett and smell designer Tasha Marks, as they guide Tony through a fragrant exploration of history's elusive aromas. Despite his modest sense of smell, Tony's inquisitiveness leads the way, while William and Tasha offer their insights and expertise. Together, they embark on a captivating journey to unveil the scents that may have been lost to history.

Prepare your senses for an unforgettable experience on this aromatic voyage.

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