Parfums Quartana

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Venetian Belladonna Perfume, 50mL

Non tradire una bella donna. 
(Do not betray a beautiful woman)
— Anonymous   


Cassis, Violet Water, Plum, Sultanene, Cognac, Styrax, Ambrette Seed, Sampaquia, Honey, Purple Iris, Tuberose, Patchouli, Labdanum, Suede, Saffron, Beeswax, Sandalwood, Vetiver

@15% Eau de Parfum

COMMENTARY:Belladonna is a sweet smelling poison with a rich tradition in Italy going back to ancient times when Livia used it to poison Emperor Augustus. Literally translating to ‘beautiful woman’, medieval Italian women would put droplets into their eyes to dilate their pupils as they believed this made them appear more attractive. It is often equated with aggressive female sexuality and was used by Northern Italian witches (streghe) to place seduction spells on men.


Created by Joseph Quartana, founder of both Six Scents Parfums and the former cutting-edge fashion boutique Seven New York, PARFUMS QUARTANA is a new premium fragrance line within the Six Scents umbrella exploring singular themes through a series of prestigious limited-edition scents. The brand is the culmination of Joseph Quartana’s unique vision, produced in small batches using the finest ingredients and precious oils.  

Parfums Quartana
Perfumer:Pierre-Constantin Gueros 
Series:  Les Potions Fatales 
Release Date:  July 2016