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Zulu Fire Sauce

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In the northern corner of Zululand, in a wooden hut amid a grove of coconut palms, I found Timbo - a wizened old man with a silver beard and braided hair. Here, under the warm African sun, he welcomes his visitors with intoxicating palm wine, chargrilled chicken, fresh estuarine fish and thick buffalo steaks basted with his famous Zulu Fire Sauce: a magnificent gastronomic experience!”

A moderately hot, red chili sauce with great body and exceptional depth of rich flavor, 

Zulu Fire Sauce works exceptionally well with garlic, ginger, tomatoes and carrots. Zulu Fire Sauce is the friend of red meat and tomato-based vegetarian dishes. Paint Zulu Fire Sauce onto game, beef steak or mutton. Rest for half an hour before grilling. Stirfry thin strips of ostrich meat (or beef), onions, green peppers and a dash of Zulu Fire Sauce.  Layer the flavors: Use Zulu Fire Sauce while preparing the dish - and add a little more just before serving.

Gently heat 30ml olive oil, add 10ml crushed garlic and fry lightly. Add 50g capers, cook for about 1 minute. Add 30-60ml Zulu Fire Sauce, 400g quartered cherry tomatoes, 350g drained tinned tuna, 3 cups chopped flat-leaf parsley, 30ml lemon zest, salt and pepper to taste. Toss into fresh cooked pasta.

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