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Zulu Fire Spice

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“ As fierce as the legendary Chaka’s warriors, I discovered this chili blend in a street shop in Zululand. That it was the only spice blend being sold - and the shop was clearly busy - as well as the hearty recommendation from the well fed owner - inspired me to try Fire Spice on our beef kebabs. It is certainly not for the faint hearted... The next day we delayed our departure to stop by the shop for another jar of Zulu Fire Spice.”

Red chilli with an exciting supporting cast of black pepper, ginger and a touch of ginseng (to energise the tastebuds!).

Grind onto pizza, pasta, casseroles, barbecues, curries and stir fry. Use as an ingredient or add flavor at the table.

Use well aged, prime rump steak: 150 - 250g per person. Cut the steak into 2cm cubes. Grind on a generous amount of Zulu Fire Spice. Prepare green pepper and onion petals. Coat the meat well with lots of olive oil add the green peppers and onion. Set aside to rest for 20 minutes. Thread the kebabs and grill until the meat is on the rare side of medium. Rest the meat and serve with baked potatoes and green salad.


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