Twilight Green - 5 ml

Phoenix Botanicals

Twilight Green

Thru the gate of Marigolds and feral spices
The last flickers of emerald turn to deepest green
An overgrown field of Mugwort, an ancient tree
Night falls, your hands full of white petals

This layered aromatic portal takes you thru late summer flowers to a darkening wild landscape. Breathe in the dusky greens while cradled by the roots of an old tree, and the deep sweetness of Tuberose blossoms.

Inspired by a weedy hill by the sea where the Mugwort has taken over, growing to over 8 feet high by late summer, when it blooms, and dances in waves in the wind.
A rare essence of Oudh from a tree over 100 years old completes the alchemy. Smoky and wild, it transports you right to the deepening dusk of this magic landscape.

This composition features three historically sacred, transporting fragrant plants from cultures around the world. 
Mugwort~ for lucid dreaming and getting in touch with our intuition (long used in Europe + Asia) 
Marigold~ connecting with the departed (Central + South America)
Oudh~ aids sacred space and meditation (Middle East)

Featured notes: Bergamot, Wormwood, Spices, Marigold, infused wild Mugwort, Tuberose, Sweetgrass, Flouve, Myrrh, aged wild Oudh.

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