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Splendida Tubéreuse Mystique

$130.00 USD

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Experience the Mediterranean collection of fragrances created to convey Bulgari’s unique vision of women.

Tubereuse Mystique is created with Tuberose, one of the most intoxicating and fragrant flowers cultivated in southern India. Legend says this flower is so intoxicating that it carries the powers of temptation. 

Bulgari has an exclusive harvest in India, known as Twilight Tuberose. A practice unique to Bvlgari, opened flowers are hand-picked only at night to capture the scent at its ephemeral and fragrant peak.  Presented in a cobalt blue glass flacon, as an ode to the poetic blue hour; the transition from day to dusk when the tuberose is most captivating. The soft rounded shape of the bottle mimics the shape of a flower and the elegant gold-toned neck and signature cap is crafted to display the Bulgari inscription.  Incandescent, passionate and generous, like the woman who wears it, the fragrance is a bouquet of fresh essences and floral notes formulated with Davana Essence, Blackcurrent Bud Absolute and Vanilla Absolute. It delivers an extremely addictive, sensual and seductive olfactory signature to the wearer and those near her.

A luxury delight to the senses as a gift or personal treasure for your scent collection. 

Classification/Category: Oriental Floral 

  • Top: Davana Essence, Blackcurrant Bud Absolute 
  • Heart: Twilight Tuberose Absolute 
  • Base: Vanilla Absolute, Myrrh Resin