Sanctifino Perfume Oil

Incensum Fragrances

Sanctifino captures the sacred infusion of spirit in matter. It is a call to anoint our earthly forms and reactivate the essence of divinity that is carried within. An uplifting scent of citrus and metallic notes with an ambiance that is semi-sweet and slightly smokey. Sanctifino reflects the axiom of "as above, so below".

Imagine walking into a sacred temple rich with scent infusing the senses. The first impression is the subtle smokiness of incense burning in the background. The shining light of gold and silver ritual objects not only catches the eye but also comes alive to allow you to discern the often unnoticed scent of metal. As the incense burns longer the deeper notes come through to unveil the uplifting aura of Clary Sage and the hint of sweet citrus giving off a touch of regality. You find yourself elevating to the realm of the divine.


Galbanum, Clary Sage, Silver Fir

Mini Roll-On 5 ml / The 5 ml bottle comes with a roll-on applicator with a screw top. To apply, gently rub the roll-on applicator against the skin a few times to allow the fragrances to encircle the roller ball and seek it's way out around the applicator to make contact with your skin.


Made with 100% pure essential oils that are organic or wild-crafted whenever possible. Organic jojoba oil.

  • Synthetic-Free
  • Alcohol-Free
  • Cruelty-Free
  • Vegan


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