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Pour Un Homme Gift Set

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Caron Pour Homme Cologne by Caron is a masculine fragrance first introduced back in 1934. Its composition is simple, yet effective, with a top note of lavender, a heart note of vanilla, and a base note of musk.

Parfums Caron is a famous French perfume brand that was founded in 1904. The founder of the company, Ernest Daltroff, did not have any formal training in perfumery, but that did not stop him from developing one of the most influential
 fragrance brands of the 20th century. While Daltroff developed the scent compositions for all of the company's products, Felicie Wanpouille, the brand's artistic adviser, developed all the packaging and designs for bottles.

Daltroff developed many perfume compositions until his death in 1947. He even worked on the composition for Pour Homme cologne. The brand is noteworthy because it still offers fragrances from all those years ago, many of which come in the same packaging. 

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