Parfums Quartana

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Poppy Soma Perfume, 2mL

"The poppy opes her scarlet purse of dreams." 
— Sharmel Iris   


Sichuan Pepper, Curry Leaf, Red Pepper, Black Gardenia, Jasmine Sambac, Red Rose, Old Church Incense, Labdanum, Tuberose, Styrax, Musk Tonquin

20% Eau de Parfum

COMMENTARY:Known to the Ancient Sumerians as “the joy plant”, poppy symbolized nocturnal oblivion, specifically sleep, night, and death in the pre-Christian world. “Soma” is a Vedic word that means “moon” and refers to the sweet milky sap that when oozing from the poppy bulbs would glow in the moonlight, and which was processed into raw opium to be smoked.  Ours captures the before-and-after of the experience from sweet sap to pungent smoke.


Created by Joseph Quartana, founder of both Six Scents Parfums and the former cutting-edge fashion boutique Seven New York, PARFUMS QUARTANA is a new premium fragrance line within the Six Scents umbrella exploring singular themes through a series of prestigious limited-edition scents. The brand is the culmination of Joseph Quartana’s unique vision, produced in small batches using the finest ingredients and precious oils.  

Parfums Quartana
Philippe Paparella-Paris  
Series:  Les Potions Fatales 
Release Date:  July 2016