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NOMO Eau Fraiche & Refill Set

$115.00 USD

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NoMo pocket Fragrance fits anywhere so you can take it everywhere. Refill with the handy funnel, grab your NoMo and go. We love it for extended holidays, when you're going for more than a weekend because you will not run out.

Charm only your own species with the fresh scents of Florida orange, Sicilian lemon, French lavender and insect-repelling peppermint, geranium and cedarwood. 

As a fine fragrance: spray NoMo as you would your favorite perfume. 

Against insects: spray generously on legs, feet and all exposed skin. Reapply every 2 hours to maintain protection. For best protection, layer with NoMo shower gel and NoMo body crème. 

Includes: 30 ml/1 floz aluminium spray, 125 ml/ 4.2 floz aluminium refill bottle, funnel, travel pouch