Narcissus Cafe - 15 ml

Phoenix Botanicals

Narcissus Cafe

Narcissus: close up, cool, heady and captivating, against a backdrop of fresh roasted coffee, smooth and rich.
A touch of Mandarin peel and an ardent bouquet enhance the soliflore, while beeswax and tobacco extend the darkening depths. Meanwhile divine wafts of coffee interlace down to sacred resins and wisp of smoke. 

A surprising, luxurious adornment for the perfume lover, and especially the coffee lover.
This perfume is borne out of an obsession with excellent coffee, one of my favorite smells in the world- yet I'd never found a perfume material that came even close. After lengthy experimentation, I eventually created my own fastidiously infused coffee oil with excellent freshly roasted beans from a local indy roaster's.

I'm fascinated by the myriad myths of people who turned into flowers, as in the legend of Narcissus! Inspiration includes a bit of noir and hedonism, pleasures fully absorbing and quickly fleeting. Irresistible attraction. The search for the perfect cortado... 

Featured notes: Mandarin, Narcissus bouquet, fresh roasted Coffee, Beeswax, Tobacco, Myrrh, Frankincense, Smoke.

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