Lavender Basil Cold Processed Soap

Luxy Lady Real Soap

There’s no more invigorating smell than just before a replenishing rain. Let the natural healing qualities of the lavender and basil wash over you with their soothing decadence!

To ensure the longevity of your bar, please store your soap in dry environment. Always place your soap in a wire soap dish and do not allow to sit in moist shower for an extended period of time. Popped into a dresser drawer or linen closet, it leaves a lovely scent.

Luxy Lady Real Soap is sold in individual packages - carefully packed and labeled. Ingredients: Avocado Oil - Loaded with vitamins A, B and D and E, avocado oil gives a softness to a bar of soap. Cocoa Butter - With a subtle hint of chocolate aromas, cocoa butter creates a thin protective barrier which helps protect your skin from moisture loss. Hemp Oil - High in unsaturated fatty acids, hemp oil moisturizes and contributes to large fluffy bubbles. Coconut Oil - A solid bar of soap with high cleansing properties is a natural benefit of coconut oil. Palm Oil - For a nice sheen and a creamy lather, I blend palm oil into the soap. Shea Butter - From the nut of a tree found in Africa and known as ‘skin’s best friend,’ shea butter has been found to be a superb moisturizer, and has exceptional healing properties for the skin. Sweet Almond Oil - Antioxidant-rich light oil high in vitamin E, sweet almond oil also adds to the conditioning and moisturizing properties of soap. Essential Oils - Adding not only natural fragrance but also therapeutic benefits to soap, essential oils originate from plant-based materials such as leaves, bark, twigs, flowers, and peels.