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Launched in 1994, Jivago 24K features floral, powdery, amber and woody accords. The scent opens with a single top note of Bulgarian rose, followed by middle notes of intoxicatingly fragrant jasmine with the creamy sensual tones of tuberose. The base notes include amber paired with orris, a root of the iris flower that imparts powdery, starchy and mildly bitter undertones to the perfume.

The packaging features a sophisticated luxurious design with feminine touches, hinting at the fragrance’s elegance enhanced by a touch of animal vitality.

Ilana Jivago is an American brand, releasing more than 15 fragrances since its founding in 1994. Headquartered in Beverly Hills, its other standouts include Connect, Millennium Hope, Rose Gold, White Gold and 2016’s The Gift Le Cadeau. With its signature styled bottles and an eye on creating simple yet opulent blends, the label has gained fans both American and around the world. 

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