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First Sight No Box

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The Gate opened. Eyes met. It was love at First Sight!

Love at first sight – unlike the usual stories – occurs when a one of its kind fragrance comes in action from a blend of fresh nectar extracted from flowers, crushed leaves and fruits with a woody natural scent. A sweet aroma, cleverly amalgamated with woody essence and freshly bursting citrus smell, spreads everywhere making your presence noteworthy. The slight cedar wood smell and rich musk in the base note bring along a pleasantly notable fragrance tempting people all around with its enticing originality.

Family:  Floral Woody Musk
Top Notes: Citrus Cocktail , Crushed Leaves , Citrata Mint , Pear Sorbet , Green Lemonade 
Heart Note:  Sage, Elderberry (flower&berry) 
Base Note: Cedarwood , Musk