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Eco-Friendly Brush Styler With Birchwood & Boar Bristles

$22.95 USD

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Boar’s bristle brush stimulates the scalp’s natural production of oils for smoother, shinier, and more hydrated hair.

Wooden bristle hair brush makes styling easy and is a great eco-friendly brush for men and women.

This boar bristle paddle brush is perfect for most hair types.

Creative Pro Hair Tools natural boar bristle brush is made from eco-friendly materials that will not only naturally hydrate your hair with your natural hair oil, but you’ll also feel great about your environmentally-friendly purchase. The boar bristles are soft yet firm, easily penetrate your hair and are perfect most hair types. Each time you use this wooden bristle brush, the bristles massage your scalp and stimulate the scalp's production of natural oils; this adds shine and smooths hair. With all of these benefits, this eco-friendly, natural boar bristle brush is a great tool for men and women.